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Panty Dropper Oil/Balm/Wax Combo

Panty Dropper Oil/Balm/Wax Combo

$ 34.99

Panty Dropper, is a wonderful orange Citrus Sandalwood scent. It has this soft luxurious scent has been found to be attractive and will catch the attention of the mind. A simple reminder this is the scent that comes with a disclaimer that we are not responsible for the women chasing you down the street.

Combo contains:

1 Panty Dropper beard oil 1oz,

1 Panty Dropper beard balm 2oz

1 Panty Dropper mustache wax 1oz.

Handrafted and 100% all natural and cold pressed oils. It will condition, moisturize, and strengthen those beard hairs promoting a healthy softer growth.