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Why use beard oil

Why use Beard oil ? It's one of those questions you may ask yourself. Think of it this way. The purpose  of beard oil is to add oil to the face and beard. Our bodies naturally produce oil to protect hair from becoming brittle and dry. You see this happening on your scalp. This is a good thing. How ever your face doesn't produce the same amount of oil. So to help out you need to add oil to the skin under your beard and all throughout out the beard. When you apply the oil it helps to soften the...

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Helping to controll your Mustache

Mustache Wax Tips You maybe able to grow a mustache but do you know how to take care of it. Just like your beard you should be combining  it and training your mustache to shape into that amazing stache you want. Now let's give you some tips on how to apply that mustache wax and help keep it out of the way. Using the back of your fingernail scrape just a little. A little goes a long way. Always remember less is more.  Rub the wax between your finger tips to warm the wax. Until it's smooth and melty. Heating...

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Making Beard news

How amazing it is to be scrolling down google and find your company posted in two different news articles. You can imagine our shock and happy surprised about this. We had no clue this article had been posted. What is more amazing to us is the fact that it's a news article from a foreign source. We are just delighted to have been a featured company for the Malaysian Talk and the Mylassian Center. How a small  beard company in Salt Lake City Utah gets that kind of notice is just mind blowing to us. We are all smiles and...

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Beard Envy

Manhood Beard Co on beard envy, What is beard envy you might be asking yourself? Well, have you ever looked at another beard and thought Man that beard is glorious. If only my  beard was that color, length, fullness, or whatever it was you envied about a beard. While then you have had the dreaded beard envy blues my friend. You're probably wondering to  yourself, how can I make my beard look like that? This is a question we get a lot at Manhood Beard Co. The answer is simple your beard will never be that beard. Oh how we...

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Manhood Beard Co

Who is Manhood Beard Co, well simply put we are a company dedicated to helping you have the very best looking beard a man can have. Although the research and development stages took years we launched the Manhood Beard Co. company in March of 2016 with the release of the website shortly after. We started a group on Facebook at the same time to help get the word out about our products the group that started as a few now is in the thousands and include people from all over the world. We have grown into the  company we are...

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