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High Pine's Mustache Wax 1 oz

High Pine's Mustache Wax 1 oz

$ 9.99

High Pine's, this is an amazing calming scent, If you love the outdoors you are going to love this scent as it is about to take your mind on an Adventure back into a lush green forest leaving your senses overwhelmed with the refreshing smells of all the trees and natural surroundings   

Manhood mustache was created with a softer aroma so it would not over power the senses.  After all that mustache does rest right under your nose. The wax is a smooth med hold. Great for styling it up and making the perfect handlebars for a stunning look or keeping it simple and just wearing your perfect sculpted look. The mustache wax used on a daily bases will help to train and keep it where you want it and not in your mouth. 

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