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Panty Dropper mustache Wax

Panty Dropper mustache Wax

$ 9.99

Panty Dropper, is a wonderful orange Citrus Sandalwood scent. It has a soft luxurious scent that has been found to be attractive and will catch the attention of the mind. A simple reminder this is the scent that comes with a disclaimer that we are not responsible for the women chasing you down the street!

 Manhood mustache was created with a softer aroma so it would not over power the senses.  After all that mustache does rest right under your nose. The wax is a smooth med hold. Great for styling it up and making the perfect handlebars for a stunning look. Or keeping it simple and just wearing your perfect sculpted  look. The mustache wax used on a daily bases will help to train and keep it where you want it and not in your mouth. The mustache wax is 100% all natural and handcrafted just for you.

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