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Helping to controll your Mustache

Mustache Wax Tips

You maybe able to grow a mustache but do you know how to take care of it. Just like your beard you should be combining  it and training your mustache to shape into that amazing stache you want. Now let's give you some tips on how to apply that mustache wax and help keep it out of the way.

  • Using the back of your fingernail scrape just a little. A little goes a long way. Always remember less is more. 
  • Rub the wax between your finger tips to warm the wax. Until it's smooth and melty. Heating it this way will allow for better application to your stache. 
  • Starting at the top of your starch rub it in to your whiskers. Going from top to bottom. 
  • Now use your comb to brush your stache back and then downward ward along the side of your mouth. 
  • If you notice any wax showing simple use the blow dried on low and melt it right into your mustache. No need to worry it's a no fell trick.

Now you know what to do so your not chomp on your stache all day. 


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