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Straightening your Beard                                                    Should You straighten your beard? This is a really great question and we seem to be seeing this pop up on the Manhood Facebook group a lot lately. Let's take a look at a few different  ways this is being done. 

     The flatiron (straightener) this is a device that uses to ceramic tiles or metal  plates. The plates heat up to varying temps and you press your beard between the plates. Moving downward the length of your beard. Now does it work? Yes, it does work but is it good for your beard? No not at all good for your beard. The heat burns the follicle and stems out the water in the shaft. This will cause your hair to become very dry and brittle over time. In some cases burning your skin as well. 

        Chemical straightening is exactly the way it sounds. You apply a chemical to your beard that will lay the follicle down. Does it work. Yes, it does. Should you try it no you should not. Out of the was to straighten your beard this is the worst way. Chemical skin burns and clumps of your beard can fall out. This is a very bad option.

   Let's sum this up real fast. Should you straighten your beard. We think no you shouldn't. Your unique beard is what makes you look like you. So love it, oil it, and itll be with you for a long time 

      Like we say around here ITS YOUR MANHOOD SO GROW IT!

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