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Why use beard oil

Why use Beard oil ? It's one of those questions you may ask yourself. Think of it this way. The purpose  of beard oil is to add oil to the face and beard. Our bodies naturally produce oil to protect hair from becoming brittle and dry. You see this happening on your scalp. This is a good thing. How ever your face doesn't produce the same amount of oil. So to help out you need to add oil to the skin under your beard and all throughout out the beard. When you apply the oil it helps to soften the skin allowing new beard hairs to push through more easily. Stopping ingrown hairs. It also adds a layer of protection to the beard. Your beard oil should be thin enough it can penetrate the hair follicle. You want it to help hold in as much moisture as possible. This is why adding it after a hot shower is the idea time. The hair follicles will become more open under heat and absorb more moisture. Adding the beard oil at this time helps seal and  lock in added moisture. With time of using the oil you will start to notice a softer smoother beard. So the next time you jump out of that shower remember to apply that beard oil

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