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Beard Envy

Manhood Beard Co on beard envy,

What is beard envy you might be asking yourself? Well, have you ever looked at another beard and thought Man that beard is glorious. If only my  beard was that color, length, fullness, or whatever it was you envied about a beard. While then you have had the dreaded beard envy blues my friend.

You're probably wondering to  yourself, how can I make my beard look like that? This is a question we get a lot at Manhood Beard Co. The answer is simple your beard will never be that beard. Oh how we want what we can not have. Now let's not go all crazy and start shaving off our beards. Even the nicest beard out there wishes their beard was different. They might even wish it was like yours. 

You may find yourself asking why me oh God why me. What have I done to deserve this beard. The root of the problem is your parents. Yes for the first time you can actually blame your parents for something.  Now let's calm down for a min before calling Mom and Dad to give them a piece of your mind. Maybe what you should be doing is thanking them for that awesome beard that is all you. 

We may not be able to change what we have but we can make sure that our beard will be the best it can be. By using good product making it the best beard ever. Letting it become longer, stronger, and softer. Like we say around here 


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