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Manhood Beard Co

Who is Manhood Beard Co, well simply put we are a company dedicated to helping you have the very best looking beard a man can have. Although the research and development stages took years we launched the Manhood Beard Co. company in March of 2016 with the release of the website shortly after. We started a group on Facebook at the same time to help get the word out about our products the group that started as a few now is in the thousands and include people from all over the world. We have grown into the  company we are today and as we continue to grow we continue to give back to the brotherhood! We started with just our beard oil in two scents as the repetitive request for more product came we finished the development of our beard balm and mustache wax. Everything we have put together was hand-selected to produce the best product possible. We have an outstanding product line that is unique and amazing as a small company we are continuing to expand and develop new products and new techniques to keep beards around the world healthy as possible. We are so thankful for our customers, supporters and followers all of you are truly helping our family and allowing us to give back to the community!  We have a dream of becoming one of the best companies in the world and as our journey continuous and our products prove themselves we will get there. Just imagine the difference we can make if our goals are achieved. 

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