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Fall Season and your dry beard

Manhood Beard Co here, On beard oils and balms for fall . As Fall starts to roll in and temps begin to drop now is the time more than ever to start thinking about putting some much needed oil and balm on that beard. As it gets colder and winds begin to blow your beard will get dryer and brittle. That is why it's important to use oil and balm this time of year. You'll want to optimize as much moisture as possible by applying the oil right out of the shower. While your beard is still wet. Making sure to rub all the way to the skin. This will help from drying winter skin as well. Who wants a itchy beard after all. The balm is applied after the beard is dried it will help keep the shape and give extra strength to protect against breakage during the cooling drying temps. So next time you get out of the shower show your beard some love and put on some oil and balm. Only thing left to do is Let it grow.

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